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Friday, April 25, 2008

Marv Chastain Speaks

A little common sense and clarity is refreshing. You can follow the first link if you will but Mr. Chastains words stand out and need no explanation. I do encourage a look at his blog.

What facts, history, arguments and news reports cannot accomplish,
sometimes a good writer can. If you think this is at the very least
entertaining (and hopefully much more than that), please pass this on
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For those of you who may adamantly disagree with this, remember it's
just fiction...and science fiction at that; http://www.dansimmons.com/news/message/2006_04.htm

Commentary, By Marv Chastain

Muslims convince their young men they should sacrifice their lives for "Allah" (and, of course, for the 70 odd virgins). When a man is so dedicated to his cause he is willing - - eager - -- to sacrifice his life to it, he becomes very dangerous. The last time America faced people so dedicated was the Japanese Kamakazies during WWII. Those dedicated Ks inflicted far more damage on the US Navy than did the sneak attack on Pearl Harbor. But, the difference is that in the 1940s, America too, was dedicated. We took the losses (Which outnumber our Iraq/Afghanistan losses at about 100 to one), without complaint and won the battle.

We still have dedicated Americans who are willing to take the heat. Unfortunately, we also have a large number of Americans who couldn't care less about anything other than their own immediate security, pleasure, and wealth and wealth and wealth. Our politicians are mostly in the "wealth" camp. Those that cling to the ideals of truth, honesty, good of the country, economic sense, regularly get trashed in the polls by the money of Soros, Peter Lewis and their ilk.

In many respects, America in the 2000s (today) is a re-run of the 1920s. In the 1920s, this country was wild. The stock market was rising on nothing more than greed (It was a giant pyramid scheme). Moral traditions, Judeo-Christian ideals, were mostly ignored. The moralists decided to blame the inanimate object of liquor rather than the man/woman who over indulged and misbehaved. So, they instituted "prohibition" - - which lead to more abuse of liquor than had ever existed while it was legal (and created overnight millionaires - one named "kennedy"). Today's moralists have not studied history and are caught in the same trap. They blame "guns" (inanimate objects) for gun crime rather than the shooters and seek "prohibition" on gun ownership. And, predictably, where they are able to ban guns, gun crime increases exponentially. When a crazy goes berserk in a "gun free" zone (such as Virginia Tech, Columbine, etc), they seek further restriction of guns from law-abiding citizens, rather then focus on the real culprit - - the crook or crazy with the gun and the lack of armed citizens to repell him.

By the same token, they have concocted another inanimate villain we should all fear, "Global Warming". They seek to persuade the public that the world is well on it's way to burning up and if we - - - not they, of course -- - - will just stop burning fossil fuels and give them the government power they seek, "They" can conquer the "evil global warming". Once again, we are sold the bill of goods that we, ordinary citizens are to blame and that government must control our behavior so that we do not destroy our society - - while they work full time at their object of destroying our society.

The best thing that has happened to America in the last century was the great depression! To most people (including those who experienced it) that is a shocking statement. But, it taught us some real sense. We learned to work, to survive, to do things we had never done before and succeed. It forced government to put a clamp on some really bad economic practices. It toughened the US Public so that we were able to win WWII, even though we started from a losing position and our enemy thought we were too spoiled, soft and stupid to beat them. I truly believe what we need now is another economic catastrophe! That sounds crazy, but money is now our god and unless something happens to cure that dementia, we are doomed. . . . . . JMC

Excerpts from Marv Chastains web site;

Wisdom comes with age - - But, sometimes age comes alone

(Un)Natural Laws:
O'Reilly's law of the kitchen:
Cleanliness is next to . . . . impossible

Lieberman's law of conversation:
Everybody Lies But, it doesn't matter since nobody listens . . . (except the CIA)

Abercromie's law of behavior:
No Good Deed goes unpunished

Shimpelheimer's Postulate:
Virtue is it's own punishment

Green's law of debate:
Anything is possible as long as you don't know what you are talking about

Perry's Postulate:
For every action, there is an equal and opposite . . . . criticism

Rabbet's Law of human resourcefulness:
When the going gets tough, the Tough . . .get going and . . . . leave . . . .
It's the meek and mild who clean up the mess

Thank you Mr. Chastain!