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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Do You Know What Really Ticks Me Off?????

You know - makes me more sick to my stomach than the stomach flu I just got over. Irritates me so much that they would degrade my intelligence by even suggesting such nonsense??? 

It's a hilary clinton (fyi, I don't capitalize the names of people who don't respect our troops!) television ad running here in Indiana that is listing all the things about President Bush that the "queen of crapola" would do better. In it, she has the nerve to include in the list that she would be "tough on China"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This from the spouse of the man famous for giving secrets to the Chi-Coms.

She can't have it both ways - she either needs to separate herself from the "clinton years" or quit insulting us with such garbage. She uses her days as First Lady as her so-called experience, then she needs to take the flack for the blunders of that clintonian legacy. 

I wish I could say I feel better after getting that off my chest, but the next ad I see will be an obama commercial bragging about his foreign policy accomplishments ---- ggggrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!