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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Outrage in Indy - Do you know this person????

There is outrage in the Indianapolis and surrounding areas today as a manhunt for a gunman who shot a pregnant bank teller in the the abdomen is in high gear. The shooter is described as a dark-skinned male, about 6'1" to 6'2" tall, around 215 to 220 pounds. Tuesday night, they said he wore a blue stocking cap, a dark face covering, a gray collared jacket, blue jeans, dark-colored shoes with light-colored heels, and surgical gloves.

The shooting victim, 30-year-old Katherin Shuffield of Franklin, IN, is pregnant with twins. 

An employee at the bank told police that the shooter entered the bank screaming for everyone to get down. Then, according to the employee, the man leapt over the counter and fired the shot that hit Shuffield. Shuffield, a teller at the bank and five months pregnant with twins was shot in the stomach. The employee said the man grabbed the money out of the bank drawer and fired a shot into an empty chair near the door before fleeing northbound from the bank.

The StarPress.com is reporting this:
The shooting sparked indignation from Indianapolis' mayor, who has made the fight against crime a priority for his administration, and police chief. The teller is five months pregnant with twins, who are doing fine, neighbors and the mayor said Tuesday night.

Shuffield was shot in the abdomen Tuesday morning at the Huntington Bank branch, 2030 N. Post Road. Tuesday night, police continued to seek the person who carried a 9 mm MP5-like rifle into the bank about 9:30 a.m.
"It's such a senseless thing to do," Mayor Greg Ballard said. "I can't even imagine what goes through the minds of these people who would do such a thing."

And this from the Chief of Police:
IMPD Chief Michael Spears, angry at what he said was an unprovoked shooting by a "gutless robber," said officers were outraged and would do everything possible to find the man:

"Nobody's going to get away with shooting a pregnant bank teller in this city."
At this time the teller and her twins are in stable but critical condition. Even though she was shot in the abdomen, neither baby was hit by the bullet. 

The FBI has been called in to assist in the manhunt. WTHR TV13 had this additional information about the FBI's involvement in the case, 

Wendy Osborne with the FBI, who is assisting in the manhunt, says the investigation may include more than one person.
Members of the FBI's Safe Streets Task Force and their local field office are helping local law enforcement in the search for the suspect. Osborne said they will also help conduct interviews and gathering information to create a suspect description.
Mayor Ballard also had this warning, "We will hunt these men down and bring justice upon them."

If you have information on this horrible crime, you can call 317-262-TIPS.