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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Eagles Up Alert

Heads up from~Snooper~

Peace Group members attacked a veteran and his family over the weekend. I received a heads up via email from Paul C and Gateway Pundit has a post up as well. Read the posts. Get pissed.

These are NOT peace people.

Melanie Morgan has a piece up now and she has announced the establishment of a new web site that chronicles such attacks. It is called Peace Thugs. Check it out.

I swore an oath of allegiance to this country many years ago. As far as I know that oath has not been rescinded or canceled. It is still in effect and will be until the day I die.
I support the Constitution and this country, warts and all.
And yes, I would like more than anything for us to be at peace....real peace. Having already been to one war I do not relish the idea of going to another war but I will no question. Years ago me and a bunch of other Nam vets swore that if we had another war we would not sit idly by while the protesters disgraced our soldiers, sailors, Marines, or airmen. No MORE, NEVER AGAIN!

These "peace thugs", so appropriately named, have no concept of real peace nor do they have the first clue on how to achieve it.

Once again we see the lefts notion of peace and once again I would warn you to be prepared for any eventuality if or when you attend one of these so called "peace rallies".
The vicious little criminals who did this will get theirs someday.

Turn the other cheek? How many times do we have to do this before we fight back?

What are you willing to do about this?