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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Another Poem from Forrest Langley

The price to pay for American withdrawal in Iraq!

Over a Trillion dollar gift the cost of invading the land.
More than 4000 US soldiers died all to give Iraq to Iran.
Americas wounded whose blood soaks the sands of Iraq
What an awesome cost as Obama stabs them in the back

Iran knows what it would mean if Shiites control Iraq.
And have a plan to bring a world Islamic Empire back.
Oil is the lifeblood on which world economy does flow.
They know majority of world oil. Shiites would control.

Shiites were kept in check by Saddam the Sunni of Iraq
And American blood is all that’s holding a monster back
65% of worlds proven oil reserves these 2 lands contain
Iraq’s Shiite majority will unite with Iran’s this is too plain.  
Mesopotamia would become a United Shiite Theocracy
And the death knell sounds for Middle East Democracy
Oil of Iraq and Iran united. New Economic empire in sight
The Sunnis would convert or die at the hands of the Shiite

Babylon and Persia united Nuclear Weapons at command.
The Muslims of Saudi Arabia and the world unite with Iran
They certainly would use an oil weapon bankrupt one and all
A World Religion could arise if America decides to withdraw

Iraq paid for by Americas blood a gift to Ahmadinejad in Iran
Persian visions of America and Israel’s destruction at  hand
Give the Shiites all this power even now the uranium spins
An Islamic Economic Nuclear Superpower shall descend

This could turn into Nebuchadnezzar’s troubling dream 
Persia has Major plans for Iraq for which now they scheme
In latter times Ezekiel 38-39 Persia becomes a world power
And enjoys military might with the antichrist for one hour

Matthew 24 Jesus said when Israel is reborn in the latter day
Those alive would not pass away until all Prophecies fulfilled
Generation that sees Israel again become an independent state 
Iran destined to rise world stage Generation is nineteen forty eight 

Here is what is scary not a single biblical prophecy has failed
America is no where to be found as a superpower tis derailed
Iran and Iraq according to Daniel is to become a superpower
America will this fulfill if it fails and leaves its watchtower.

General Petraeus 
Iran according to reports already smuggling drugs and such across our borders using Hezbollah. If it obtains nukes it no doubt will slip suitcase nukes into our country because this fanatic state believes that it is their God given destiny to destroy the west and Israel and by doing this will empower the Mahdi the Shiite Messiah who by the way Iran has claimed to have him in hiding along with Jesus Christ who is supposed to explain that he is not the Son of God. I just thought I would send you my latest poem sir.

 God bless you my dear General. I am so proud of what you have done. May God richly bless you with wisdom.

 signed PFC Langley US Infantry Retired

Written by Forrest Langley meditating on the consequences of withdrawal of American forces from Iraq.