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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Garry Hammers Saudi Official's Decision on Marriage

by Garry

The Prophet Muhammad (Moe) married Aisha when she was six and consumated the marriage by having sex with her when she was nine.It is the Prophet Moe whose model we follow.Saudi Marriage Officiant Dr Ahmad Al-Mub'i declares in a video clip the tenets of Islamic Law (sharia law) concerning marriage. Dr Al states that for a girl to be wed at the age of one year is perfectly acceptable.

The clip is

This rag head camel jockey is completely serious about this. For those who are from the Left side of the aisle, pay attention, this is what yielding to the enemy will bring to your doorstep.
Sharia law is being implemented by de facto in the U.K., there are sections of english cities which the Bobby's (British Police )will not enter, they have been warned not to enter by the reigning Imams, who suggest the Bobby's are not safe in those areas.

Why is the ignorance of a 7th Century child molestor (Moe) so difficult for those on the Left to understand?


This Global War on Jihad (GWOJ) is coming to a theatre near you! War Theatre that is.
Keith Ellison is the first member of the Federal House of Representatives from the State of Minnesota.

Acceptance of Islam is the denial of personal rights.
Acceptance of Islam is the denial of our Courts of Law.
Acceptance of Islam is the denial of Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness for all.
Acceptance of Islam is the denial of the sacrifice by so many who have died to keep this country free for all.
Acceptance of Islam is National Suicide

Defeat of Islam requires harsh measures by harsh men and women.
Defeat of Islam is not optional, it is mandatory if the American Nation is to survive

Get on board or get out of the way, but do not be an impediment to the process.
Solution, or problem, choose a side and live with the consequence.