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Monday, June 23, 2008

BTR Host, Douglas V. Gibbs, Signs Off After Receiving Legal Action Threats????

Well, folks, this is Mrs CP, and when I read this statement over on BTR, I was outraged! This is just an outrage for BTR to post this article about Doug in the manner that they did! 

Some of us who are on the other side of this(i.e. we know some of the personal attacks, terrorism, and intimidation that Doug has gone thru)know that Doug spoke his mind, and is passionate about whatever he is speaking with. He rarely uses explicitious language to get his point across. He is the most honest, gentlest, down to earth kind of gentleman, that BTR, can't do without. Shame on BTR for not putting all "the Truth" out there! This is making me do a serious look at BTR, on whether I choose to continue to use their so called "free speech" format, without backing their host.

This is an outrage! 

Doug is making them money(advertising) and bringing people, many people, to his show and then they are moving on to other shows, which is what BTR wants. My hope is that Douglas comes back with a vengence, and sets the world afire! Go Doug!

This is the article that appears on BTR's opening page.

BTR Host Signs Off After Receiving Legal Action Threats

A BlogTalkRadio show host could be facing a legal crisis. While we’re all about free speech, and BTR hosts can pretty much talk about everything, sometimes a host goes a little too far in the eyes of listeners, readers or activist groups. You see, Doug Gibbs, host of Political Pistachio, didn’t pull any punches on his blog and radio show when offering his views regarding gay marriage. Much of the language was harsh and people took offense. It appears tolerance isn’t one of Doug’s strong suits. As a result Doug pulled his show from the air and ceased blogging because he’s afraid of legal action.

Doug now admits to a knee jerk reaction by pulling his show, and despite threats of legal action, is ready to talk about what is happening. Tonight he will be a guest on the Andrea Shea King show at 9:00 p.m. EST to discuss why he went dark, why he is receiving legal threats and whether or not he will return to the airwaves.

Whether you agree with Doug’s views or not, there’s a lot more to this than a bigoted, right wing point of view. What can we say on the air on our own radio shows and on our blogs without being threatened with legal action? Will this lead to another Code of Conduct debate?
It’ll be interesting to see how this all plays out.