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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A New Poem from Forrest Langley

Forrest Langley, the one with the 3 purple hearts in the picture, suffers from Traumatic Brain Injury as a result of his time in Iraq. He blesses us with poetry on occasion, and it's been a long while since he has sent anything to us.

I'm posting one poem now, and will try to get the other one out tomorrow. If you would like to make comments to Forrest here in the comment section, I will make sure he gets them. - Cyber Pastor

                                               Titus’s destroyed the Temple. Jews were scattered, killed.                                                                                                                                    
                  Gods prophetic clock froze and left his Word unfulfilled.  
                  Israel declared her independence in nineteen forty-eight.
                  Gods clock resumed fulfilling the Word a significant date. 
                  Jesus prophesied to us as it was in Lots exceeding evil day.
                  No revival for Lot built no altar on which to look and pray.
                  Lot lost faith and forgot he was purged from his sinful state.
                  Without an Altar no Blood of the Lamb on which to meditate.
                  Abram lowered his stand same has happened in our days.
                  Lot saw Abram (down) in Egypt playing hypocrite ways.
                  Abram compromised so that his flesh could fare very well.
                  Lot Lost respect for Abram as he told pharaoh the tall tale. 

                  “Up” out of Egypt’s land, out of Gods will as you can see.
                  Sarai now has an handmaid! Egypt will taint your family.
                  Hagar will conceive seed, to be thy children’s worse enemy.      
                  Abram tells Lot to look and choose and from God he departs.
              History repeated again as sons of God chose all daughters of men.
              Sons of God lowering standards causes the great falling away sin.
              This then grieves the Spirit, who then in turn will no longer strive.
              But sends a strong delusion when Christ comes will faith be alive.  

            This brings the wrath of God! And at his house judgement is to begin.
            Watch as Lot sits in Sodom and a powerless Christian plays pretend.
            like when Israel apostatized! Doctrine of Balaam brought persecution.
            Church has done worse grieving the Spirit left God for sins pollution.

                      Saints turn not from their sin yet from truth turn away.
                      Christ has departed the temple and he has gone away.
                      In vain they still go to the church and preach and pray         
                    Gods presence has long departed it is Lots fallen day.
                            Sheep in wolves attire the Church is in vanity! 
                            Education in place of the Holy Ghost! Insanity.
                          The Church will no longer feel Holy Ghost power.
                            Your family does mock At you. Tis the final hour.

                                    What a day! Church is asleep at play.
                                    Ichobod! Yet they still sing and pray.
                                    They don’t notice anything is wrong.
                                    They act the part. Yet God is Gone.
                                                      What a day! 
                                                The church asleep.
                                                                                              Great falling away.                                                                                                  We are strayed sheep.

                        Lot is “sitting"  in Sodom’s ungodly judgement hall.
                        Lot “sees!” and  “arose!” and upon God began to call.
                        Humbles himself with and Gods Holy begins to entreat.
                      “I pray turn in.” “Nay” silence from God he’s in defeat.


            Today the church is dead asleep in Sodom with vision lost.
            The Holy Ghost is no longer striving “Nay!” what a cost.  
            In Sodom entangled in sin God will not hear to there surprise.                      
            It is only because of Christ’s blood they will yet one day arise.

                In every single dispensation that man has been placed. 
                He has fallen into sin and rebellion. God he disgraced.
                Just as Christ told Peter It is written you will fall away.
                Jesus for told what the church would be like in Lots day. 

Luke 18:8 …Nevertheless when the Son of man cometh, shall he find faith on the earth?