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Thursday, June 26, 2008

From the Front Lines - Update

First hour total from the "From the Front Lines" telethon was over $297,000. I will continue with updates as the show goes forward. Go to the story below for all the information and links.


Update for total after hour two: $331,449.

I was just listening to a guest named John Ondrasik from the group Five for Fighting, and they asked him why he showed so much patriotism - was it because of family in the military, was he in the military, etc - he gave the best response I can imagine, he said, "It's just common sense" (to support the troops and be patriotic).

Update for total after hour three: $448,553 - the goal WAS $500,00 and they just changed it to $1,000,000. Woo Hoo!

Update for total after hour four: $592,916 - original goal surpassed!!!

Hour five: over $698,000 - this is amazing and I love all the positives - refreshing not to here negative talk.

Total at 9:54 pm: $714,299 - plus I just received the following email from Move America Forward.

Fellow Americans - we've been blown away by your generosity for our troops. We thought we had a good shot of reaching our goal of $500,000 in care packages for our troops in Iraq & Afghanistan. But we have already surpassed that goal and are now poised to potentially reach $1,000,000 tonight during our telethon.You can help us reach this incredible goal.

Here's the link to sponsor care packages:


With 1 1/2 hours to go, the total sits at $837,997!

Last hour starting: total is $910,006 - the million dollar mark is getting close.

30 minutes to go: $980,423 - and they just read a message from the Commander-in-Chief.

This has been a totally awesome 8 hours. I have totally enjoyed the great hosts (and yes Melanie and Michelle are babes), the guest have been awesome and the list is too long to list, but from Rush in hour 1 to David Bellavia from Vets for Freedom and running for Congress in NY in the last 30 minutes it's been a who's who of pro-troop supporters and mainly conservatives.

Drum roll please: total at the end of 8 hours is: $1,055,719 and counting!

God Bless America