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Saturday, June 7, 2008

Guests on This Weeks Do The Right Thing Radio Programs

We have the same 2 special guests as we had last week on Do The Right Thing Radio, as we needed more than one show to get the topics covered. 

Adrian Herrera from Arctic Power (thanks to them for the ANWR picture here) will continue to discuss the benefits of drilling for OUR OIL in ANWR, the bills currently before the Congress, and he will take your calls. This show will be Monday at 6:00 pm eastern. Here is the link to listen and the phone number to call in with questions: 


Then on Friday Ben will be back with us to give us more information on the 
"Evils of Islam" and he too will will take your phone calls. The link and the 
phone number is the same as above. Ben's appearance this past Friday had 
the largest live audience in the history of Do The Right Thing Radio. 
Don't miss his return on Friday at 6:00 pm eastern.