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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

ANWR: Things We Need to Know

Interesting tid bits ...... 

.....Half of our annual national debt is caused by the importation price of petroleum. The OMB says over 10% of that could be wiped out by ANWR oil! 

..... Over 100 Wildlife Refuges across the nation have oil and gas wells on them currently, over 47 of them are active.

..... The Audobon Society owned and operated oil and gas wells on the Ranier Wildlife Refuge in Lousiana and a wildlife refuge in Michigan for over 40 years; 

..... plus during Senate and House hearings of on the construction of the Trans-Alaska Pipeline in 1972-3, Greenpeace and Sierra Club biologists testified before Congress to route the pipeline due east through the 10-02 Area as "it had no redeeming environmental value nor scenic beauty" associated with it and would not disrupt the caribou they stated who would not have to cross it.