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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Is Nobama "Buying" Votes???

OK, you got me - the headline is sensationalized a little bit, or is it really? Nobama and his "recently" proud to be an American wife each donated the maximum $2300 to hilary clinton's campaign.

For what reason would a husband and wife "donate" $4,600 to their competition AFTER that person has already suspended their campaign if not trying to BUY to the votes of their competitors followers?

Now I'm not accusing that anything illegal has gone on, as what they are doing is well within the law, but I'm not talking legalities here, I'm talking reality.

Without helping bail out the clinton financial disaster to gain votes, and what we are really talking about here is the Nobama's are helping fund clinton's massive attack against them in the weeks leading up to her campaign suspension, what sense does it make to use money as a means to unify the party?

Let me give you my thoughts, 1) they believe that the American public is stupid and don't see them for what they are, and 2) they are showing that when things get tough (and getting hilary's supports to vote for Nobama is a tough thing), then just "buy" what/who you need.

Come to think of it, doesn't sound like much of a change for DC, does it?


And for those who wonder why I use the picture of Nobama and Rev. Wrong for every post on Nobama - well they may think that issue has blown over, but I vowed not to some weeks ago and that is one of my ways of keeping that issue in your thoughts.