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Monday, June 9, 2008

Indiana Flooding Too Close to Home!

Massive flooding in south central Indiana has caused major problems right in the very country where Cyber Pastor and family lives. My family is all safe and didn't suffer any damage with the flooding, but these pictures from my friend Amelia in Columbus show some of the devastation. 

The article below from The Republic Newspaper is about our little town. Not only did the National Guard bring in 2,000 gallons of drinking water, they have 4 water buffalo tanks distributing water to everyone who needs it and as much as we need. They are constantly running 2 tanks and taking the other 2 to be filled.

There will be more pictures from our camera when Mrs. CP returns from the store. 

The good news is that the flood waters are receding.

The bad news is that the weather forecast for tonight is 1- 3 inches of more rain which may fall in as short as an hour. 
HOPE - Eastern Bartholomew Water Corp. has identified the source of the problem that has caused the town's water service to cease, Hope Police Chief Randy Bailey said.

A water main break was located in the Owens Bridge area on Road 550 North.

Workers are on site and the goal is to have service restored by Tuesday, Bailey said.

Hope is relying on fresh water being delivered to the town. 

The Indiana National Guard is bringing up to 2,000 gallons of water today, and distributing it to citizens in the parking lot of First Baptist Church in Hope, 455 Jackson St. 

People can bring containers to fill with water.

Bailey stressed that people should avoid traveling in and around Hope unless they need to.

He said many county roads are closed because they are unsafe. 

"We've got big places where the water washed over the road and swirled and dug out the road. There is nothing supporting the road," Bailey said.

He also said that there is no way to get completely around Schaefer Lake because of the flood damage.