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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Immediate Prayers Requests

Several immediate prayer concerns I would like to share. 

From my friend Bob:

Let me start by saying thank you!!!  If you are getting this e-mail you are my greatest supporters and friends and loved ones whom I value you greatly!!!

I will probably be in the hospital 3 or 4 days recovering and then home for continued recovery.  (They say I will be "down" a maximum of 2 weeks.)

I am looking VERY forward to this and know that God will take care of me.  Thank you all for your care and support and I look forward to seeing you soon!!!

With all my love,


For my friend Shelley:

Please be in prayer for Shelley and family. Shelley received a phone call this morning of the death of her son, David.  May God give them strength to get through this time, and put His people in their path to love and comfort them.

This one is for our county which is under a flood emergency. I am a Volunteer On-Call Chaplain at this hospital. One person has died, and scores have been evacuated from their homes. State troopers and the National Guard have been called in. We are safe where I am, but I was in Columbus earlier and it is crazy all over town. 


Buck said he has never seen anything like this. He is working in town of Columbus and said many, many streets are flooded. and people being evacuated all over town. They are evacuating the hospital and a friend told me many of those people will need to go in helicopters. Because of the number of streets closed it is very hard for even emergency traffic to travel in the city. Please be in prayer for these many sick ones who will be moved and the many who are flooded in their homes, with their cars under water. The people in the town of Columbus do need our prayers. 
It is hard to imagine what this must be like, but please don't drive in to find out.