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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Another Attack on Gov. Palin

I got the following in an email. Now this isn't the denomination that I personally belong to, and for that matter I don't even participate in the practice of speaking in tongues.

This isn't about denominations or "gifts" of the Spirit, but it's about the attack on Christianity and it's about the levels the the main stream media will stoop to attack Governor Palin and conservative Christian values.

Cyber Pastor

A Message from Jerry Jones:

Dear Sir:

I could hardly believe my eyes when I saw the long-denied political bias of
the editorial board of the Washington Post confirmed by the highly offensive
cartoon by Pat Oliphant published on September 9th. I was shocked to discover
the board also holds a religious prejudice as well. To single out those of us who are Pentecostal and revere as well as practice the Scriptural experience o spe aking in tongues in such a calculatedly offensive way is disgusting. That it was published by a leading U. S.newspaper is beyond belief.

Quite obviously the board's phobia of Governor Palin has caused it to lose its senses as well as its decency. To attack her on the basis of her political positions is certainly
within your right, but to attack and ridicule her solely on the basis of her faith, a faith that is practiced by a significant number of Americans is indefensible.

A response by the millions of Pentecostals both in their future choice of reading material as well as at the polls can be expected from this unprovoked attack on a belief than spans many denominations of Christianity.

If such a deliberate disregard of the sincerely held beliefs of a significant segment of our population is fair game in the pursuit of a political agenda, how can the already tattered reputation of the traditional press in our country be rehabilitated? Your abrogation of your responsibility to respect and exhibit at least a minimum sensitivity
toward other's beliefs relegates the fabled Washington Post to the sorry company of yellow journalism rags of the past.

I urge the editorial board to issue an immediate apology to the millions offended by this silly and disgusting cartoon.


Jerry Jones
General Secretary
United Pentecostal Church International


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