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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Moonbat Alert for Minnneapolis - St. Paul

Beginning on Sunday after a pre-release screening of the the movie "American Carol", we witnessed our first Moonbat demonstration by a group of Code Pink members. They had a huge banner the had the writing "We The People" unrolled.

I must admit they were being "good" when we saw them, and they were not chanting any of their normal angry hate slogans.

I think one of the more humorous things was a line of pink bicycles we saw lined up close to the folks demonstrating - not sure if they rode them in or if they were props, but it looked very funny.

On a less "funny" note, there were some demonstrators today that turned violent. I plan to come back a little later and hopefully add some links and possibly pictures of these happenings, but let me just say that will they have the "right" to demonstrate - they do not have the RIGHT to break the law, and if those who like to pick on 80 yr-olds.....

....well, I will let you finish that sentence.

More later.


Oh yeah, I wanted to show you some of the Minneapolis' finest mounted and ready should things get out of hand with the Code Pink folks. Nothing happened Sunday, but plenty broke loose on Monday.

The moonbat alert will remain in effect until further notice. Too bad they didn't take the day off out of respect for those who are suffering with the devastating circumstances of yet another hurricane on our Gulf Coast.

Be proud of the Conservatives, and God Bless America!

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