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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Thompson Speaks at Blogger Event

Cross posted from ARRA News Service

by Dr. Bill Smith
Fred Thompson & Bloggers

Sen. Fred Thompson has an appreciation for bloggers and showed it by speaking at right minded blogger's brunch today. The brunch was sponsored by Google and hosted by Redstate. Fred was my first pick in the early presidential primaries and was endorsed by the Arkansas Republican Assembly. The event was on the 22nd floor of the Crowne Plaza, which provides breathtaking views up and down the Mississippi River and up the hills to the State Capitol and the Cathedral. Google provided a terrific spread.

I was fortunate to know many of the bloggers: "Cyber Pastor" Ed Boston, "Mad Irishman" Sheridan Folger, "Stix" Doug Welch, "Teddy Bear' Chad Everson, Eric g, Kathy Morrison, "Skye," Anne Leary, Noel Sheppard, Mike Bates, Lance Burri and Eric Erickson. Also, met a lot of bloggers who I only knew by their work.

  • A few quotes from Fred: On his present life: "I am transitioning my life back to "realism" of Hollywood."
  • "Never underestimate John McCain."
  • On tensions between India and Pakistan over Kashmir and China's military buildup among other crises: "This is no time to turn the keys to the car over to a 14 year old in heavy traffic."
  • On McCain's choice of Sarah Palin: "She's the kind of public servant we claim we want... They're going to Washington and take it by the scruff of the neck and give it a good shaking."
  • On mainstream media coverage of the presidential campaign: "It has been generally poor up until now, and now it's abysmal."
  • On the alleged experience gap between Palin and Joe Biden: "You don't get experience by being in the Senate....[Palin] doesn't have experience making the wrong decisions about Iraq [referring to Biden's proposal to partition the country into three ethnic-religious enclaves]. She doesn't have experience being wrong about the surge."

H/T to Mike Bates, BatesLine for sharing in the collection of quotes. Here are video excerpts, via NewsBusters:

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