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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Pete Hegseth on Nobama

Barack, Revealed
Obama’s self-serving machinations in Iraq bespeak a candidate unfit to be commander-in-chief.

By Pete Hegseth

Monday’s New York Post included a revealing column by Amir Taheri, a respected commentator on the Middle East. The piece, bolstered by firsthand reporting, provided a troubling glimpse into Senator Barack Obama’s trip to Iraq in July.

According to Taheri, Sen. Obama used the trip to press Iraqi leaders to delay negotiations with a “weak” and “politically confused” Bush administration. Calling the U.S. presence in Iraq “illegal,” Sen. Obama also tried to press General Petraeus & Co. for a realistic withdrawal date, to no avail.

Go to National Review for the rest of this must read article.

H/T to Snooper at Take Our Country Back for the link to the Hegseth story, and here is Snooper's take on this entire topic:

The Obama Camp Confirms Treason and Logan Act Violations