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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Do The Right Thing Radio - Support our Troops

Big News about Do The Right Thing Radio -

Tonight on Do The Right Thing Radio, we will be starting a new weekly feature and each Thursday we will host a "Support our Troops" program. In addition to this we will be joined by Reverend Don as our special co-host for the "Support our Troops" shows.

Reverend Don hosts a very successful BTR program "Hearts Towards Home" on Sunday nights at 12:30 am eastern; and posts on his blog "Don - PTSD".

One of the goals for this new "Support our Troops" show is to educate on what each of us can to in our own communities to give the true support and not just talk about it.

Another goal is to bring awareness to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and what we as everyday Americans can do to help our troops who suffer from this illness.

Join us tonight at 11:00 pm eastern for the kick-off of this special new program, and pray with us that it is more than just another show that just preaches to the choir, but is something that can make a real difference in our great nation.

Cyber Pastor

Also, you can listen to Do The Right Thing Radio every Monday - Friday at 11:00 pm eastern. We have settled into this new time slot and pray that we are able to minister to you in a positive way each weeknight.

You can also get a preview of how the new Thursday show will be as we made the announcement on Tuesday and Reverend Don, Sheridan Folger, and our own Dean shared from their active duty experiences.