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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

CP Runs In To Mike Pence At The Convention

One of the highlights of my day was seeing my congressman, Rep. Mike Pence in Radio Row. After waiting on the Congressman to finish a short interview and cutting in before the next media person grabbed him, I shook Rep. Pence's hand and introduced myself. I could tell he didn't recognize my face, as we have only met one time before at a Vets for Freedom event. However, when I said what my name was, his expression changed and remembered who I am, the handshake changed from professional to friendly, and we chatted for a couple of minutes.

I introduced him to the "madirishman" Sheridan Folger from Let's Get This Right and said we were here as credentialed bloggers. Rep. Pence told us that he was the first member of the House to have a blog.

Made ole Cyber Pastor's day - well part of it at least. I've got more things to tell you about an event with my other conservative main man Fred Thompson.