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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Letter to the Editor

The following was submitted to our local weekly newspaper. This isn't my passionate post I promised, but I wanted to share this with you and encourage you to follow the suggestions of NJ_GOP in a post a little further down. 


My wife and I experienced what was probably a once in a lifetime event for us in St. Paul, Minnesota last week, and we wanted to share that with our friends here in our wonderful community. We were able to attend the Republican National Convention with "Special Press" credentials to cover the convention for our blog.

This all started with an application to the RNC several months back, and thinking there was very little chance that a blog like ours, which is pretty small and covering mostly "Religion and Politics" would be chosen. To my surprise, many weeks later we got the word that we had been selected to be a part of this historic event. 

The week started out looking pretty bleak. Hurricane Gustav threatened to wreck havoc not only on the Gulf Coast, but also the possibility of shutting down the convention. It's difficult to have a major event while so many of our fellow Americans were at great risk. 

All events for Monday, except those that are mandated by Federal Law, were cancelled. Plans were made to promote ways that people could help financially with the storm recovery. I was proud that the focus was on the right thing. 

Finally on Tuesday, there was a full night of activity. However, my two favorite things for Tuesday didn't happen inside the Excel Center. 

Former Senator Fred Thompson spoke to a group of about 30 of us bloggers at a special brunch. I was thrilled to be able to ask one of the 3 questions he took during the question and answer session at the end. 

Later that afternoon, I was excited to run into our own representative, Mike Pence, in the hallway. We spoke for a couple of minutes and every time I am around him I am more proud to have a Congressman who puts Christian first, then Conservative, and finally Republican, and he reminded me that "it's in that order". 

Wednesday's lineup was made up of "heavy hitters" including: Michael Steele, Mitt Romney, Mike Huckabee, Rudy Giuliani, and finally Sarah Palin giving her acceptance speech. 
Governor Palin inspired the crowd with her down home, I'm an American just like you attitude. Her comment of, "I’m not going to Washington to seek their (the media's) good opinion - I’m going to Washington to serve the people of this country" drew the loudest ovation of the night until John McCain surprised everyone by joining his running mate and her family on stage at the end of the festivities. 

Thursday concluded with Senator McCain accepting the nomination of his party for the office of President of the United States. Say what you will about the "maverick" from Arizona, but it can't be denied that he is a true American hero for his actions at the Hanoi Hilton during his time as a POW. 

Thanks for letting us share our experiences with you. 

You can read more at our blog by going to www.dotherightthing-cyberpastor.blogspot.com.

Ed & Ann Boston