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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

September 3rd, 2008: The Day The Republican Party Changed

I've been promising this post for several days and now I'm gonna "get'er done". This is my from the heart observation of the 2008 Republican National Convention, which I got to observe "up close an personal" as a Special Press credentialed blogger.

There are so many directions I could write from. I could just do a chronological report of the activities; I could list quote after amazing quote; I could tell of the wonderful friendships that were made. All would be fantastic stories, and I am no way near the end of things to post from last week. Much, much more is coming in the days and weeks ahead.

Through this post I will try to convey the feelings in the air, the atmosphere of a remarkable and historic week. I know my words will not be close to related the power of what happened, but I will give it my best.

The week to me boiled down to Wednesday night. All the expectations were on the final speech of the night, the acceptance by Sarah Palin of the nomination for Vice-President of the United States of America. Man was it ever much more than just that.

From the early speakers who were common every day Americans with backgrounds such as:

  • An black female Democrat who was an Obama supporter until 3 weeks prior to the Convention who realized there was no substance to this whole notion of "change". She is now voting McCain/Palin.
  • A female Republican who had backed Hilary, and was now back in the fold and voting for McCain/Palin.
  • A black male elected official from Texas who is tired of identity politics and wants to be known as an American with no hyphens. He proudly is voting McCain/Palin.
Something started to click in my head. The Republicans were showing that they are the party of the people, something many of us have known for years, but the sense was that others were catching on.

When the heavy hitters came to the plate: Steele, Romney, Huckabee, Giuliani, and finally Governor Palin, it was like something had clicked in the heads of the party - we are not just going to sit back and be the poor pitiful party that lets the other side beat us up and are always on the defensive.

Let me say this loud and clear, The Republican Party was now on offense and I say it is about time and don't let up.

From Michael Steele and his line "Drill, baby, drill" to Governor Palin letting everyone know she isn't going to Washington to win popularity contests with the media-but to go and work for the American people, there was time after time that I looked at the blogger next to me and said, "did they really said that?".

The other side wants you to ignore the executive experience of their ticket, but this night that experience was shown to be what it really is which ZERO, empahaized by making a BIG 0 with her hand, as Hawaii Governor Linda Lingle so bluntly said it.

Sometimes the truth hurts but that doesn't change the fact that it is still the truth.

Who do you want leading the nation when the next national crisis happens? Do you want someone who votes "present" or someone who when given the chance to take the "easy out" from the Hanoi Hilton said I am no better than any other POW here, I'll wait my fair turn.

My dear friend Snooper coined the phrase "Conservative Tsunami", and folks let me say this, if the 2008 Republican National Convention is any indication, then this tsunami has strengthened to full force, and you can mark down September 3rd, 2008 as the true turning point.

Christians there is now "one of us" on the ticket in Governor Palin. My suggestion is that you....

Catch the wave!

Cyber Pastor

Thank you for all your support both in word and prayer, plus those of you who helped financially - I love you all.

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