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Monday, September 8, 2008

Obama and Stephanopolous: The Latest and Greatest Gaffe

Cross posted from Maggie's Notebook.

Host George Stephanopolous, in an interview with Barack Obama, addresses an Obama campaign comment recently that reportedly accused the McCain campaign of referring to Obama's "Muslim connections." Stephanopolous says: the McCain campaign has not made such accusations (paraphrased), and Obama stutters and stammers all around it. Then Obama makes his latest and greatest gaffe.

My opinion:
Fact: Nobama's father was Muslim making him Muslim by birth. Read the Qur'an and study Shari'a law.
Fact: Muslims around the world consider him Muslim.
Fact: Al taqqiya, mandated dissimulation by Muslims to non-Muslims. Lying to infidels is desirable and recommended. Quote from; True Believer

Debbie Schlussel; Once a Muslim, Always a Muslim

Found at Pirates Cove; NY Times: Once a Muslim, Always a Muslim.

Planck's Constant.