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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Bail Outs, Frauds and Neo Marxists

Cross posted from Snooper's Journal.

With all of the hype from the Neo Marxists with their main puppet on a string the Imam of Obam, it turns out that Goldman Sachs would not have needed a "bail out" if AIG had been allowed to fail in a Free Market society.
In an email alert, I received the following: (emphasis added by me)
So if we didn't avert a banking crisis with the AIG bailout, what exactly have the taxpayers gotten for their $170 billion? Well, nothing so far. But here's the list of the top four beneficiaries of the AIG bailout:

   1. Goldman Sachs: $12.9 billion

   2. Société Générale (France) $11.9 billion

   3. Deutsche Bank (Germany) $11.8 billion

   4. Barclays (United Kingdom) $7.9 billion

This is the real scandal of the AIG bailout.

Add the other TARP funds Goldman Sachs received to the AIG pass-through money and you get an astounding total of $23 billion from the taxpayers.

All for a company that now says it never needed help to begin with.

If that's not a reason to come to a Tax Day Tea Party on April 15, I don't know what is.
Simply amazing.  Legalized money laundering and congressional sanctioning of RICO violations and law breaking is what our federal government has become.
The latest revelation is perhaps the worst yet.

Remember how the Paulson-Geithner-Bernanke bailout of AIG was initially sold to the American people? We were told that failing to prop up the firm with taxpayer dollars would let loose a cascading failure of the entire banking system.

It turns out that this was never exactly true.

That's right. Goldman Sachs Chief Financial Officer David Viniar announced last week that his firm never needed the taxpayers' help after all. Goldman Sachs, it turns out, wouldn't have failed if AIG had been allowed to fail.

The reason Viniar made the announcement was to divert the public's attention from allegations that Goldman profited handsomely from the bailout of AIG.

But in trying to tamp down one scandal, Viniar has revealed another: The ground on which Paulson, Geithner and Bernanke sold the $170 billion AIG bailout was - at least partially - a lie.
A lie.  I remember screaming that the entire "economic meltdown" was a carefully orchestrated lie to cover up the real deal and that read deal is this: the Neo Marxists in DC want our economy to fail, plain and simple and they do whatever is required to make it happen.  They are under the assumption that True American Patriots will roll over and play nice-nice.

I am from Texas and we have a saying down here: gitarope.

If they, the Neo Marxists, think for one second that True American Patriots are going to roll over while they shred and make null and void our Constitution, they are sorely mistaken.