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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Obama, "Right Thing To Do and The Ethical Thing To Do?"

{President Obama says lifting a federal ban on embryonic stem cell research with the "right thing to do and the ethical thing to do." The Democrat president says he wrestled with the ethics of the decision but is hopeful that the science will lead to help for people with debilitating diseases. In a news conference, Obama said he has no interest in causing controversy, as the stem cell decision did. He says he is happy to avoid such controversy if that's where the science leads. But he said he will not make a decision on a matter like stem cells based on what he called a rigid, ideological approach. Obama's decision on stem cells was a reversal of his predecessor, Republican George W. Bush.}


This guy is a classic narcissist, a complete liar, a empty suit, a false prophet.This is beyond outrage, its downright earth shaking to the nucleus of humanity that this empty suit would have the audacity to speak about MORALS! ETHICAL THINGS?? Where O' God is thy sting? Where O' God is thy compassion? O' God, since when is it okay to murder unborn citizens and then take their body parts and use them, "ETHICALLY?" Can we just say "Mad Cow Disease?" Who in their right mind would want a medical treatment placed into their body, knowing that a murdered citizen gave up that part of their body, without their consent, mind you? O' God, please have mercy upon our souls and the very heart of our nation for such atrocities.