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Friday, March 20, 2009

Obama jokes about bowling score "like Special Olympics"

submitted by Trevor:

I was sitting here after watching "The Tonight Show" and thought to myself "should I even draw attention to this on the blog" and came to the conclusion that I had to for a couple reasons.

First I am going to share with you a fact that not many here on this blog may not know. I am physically disabled and use a wheelchair. So you can imagine that the comment (which to be fair) was part of a "joke" where Obama compared his bowling score to something in the special Olympics would grab my attention.

Now I am not writing this to feel sorry for myself or get any kind of feedback but just to defend those who take part in the Special Olympics who might not otherwise have a voice. I think what was said was in poor judgment and yes I understand that sometimes you can get too comfortable in a show format as "The Tonight Show".

My question is this.... Since the broadcast is taped a few hours ahead of the on air broadcast why didn't they cut this out?