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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Poem : God Has a Way For Us

GOD has a way for us

They say we can not get out of this old world alive,
but I tell them that our GOD has a way for us all.

All we have to do, is live every day for the LORD,
GOD gave us His Son Jesus, so we will not fall.

Now and then, you will have times, that'll seem dark,
and you will wonder if you will get through the night.

But just reach out your hand, and you will find out,
Jesus will be there for you, because He is the light.

As I walk through the rest of my life here I will know,
that the path is getting shorter, but I have not a fear.

Because Jesus is coming back here someday soon,
and when I am quiet, I believe the Angels I do hear.

So whatever you do, don't turn your back on Jesus,
because He will never turn His back on me or you.

He is with us everyday of our daily lives to guide us,
He will be here when we need Him, to see us thru.

Written by Don Louderback