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Thursday, March 26, 2009

A Christian Music History Lesson

submitted by Trevor:

The year was 1982 and Christian music singer Amy Grant had a piano player in her band by the name of Michael Whitaker Smith. A struggling Christian songwriter needed a way to make some money so he agreed to be in the background as part of a band never wanting to perform himself.

One of his first songs he wrote was called "How Majestic Is Your Name", It was to be understood that the song would be recorded and released by a popular Christian artist at that time by the name of Sandi Patty.

However there were a few occasions where this songwriter would let Amy Grant (his boss) perform these songs. This video captured one of those moments.

Needless to say that this songwriter who played piano the background for a Christian band would soon be encouraged to go out on his own and perform his music. Thus Michael Whitaker Smith became Michael W. Smith and the rest was history.

The LORD truly works in mysterious ways.

NOTE: Watch closely you will see a very young Michael W. Smith playing piano and singing background vocals.