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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Terrorists are no Longer Enemy Combatants

Obama Weakens Fight Against Terrorism
Drops “Enemy Combatant” Designation

Political Correctness Trumping National Security

President Barack Obama has taken another step for political correctness and to please the most radical Code Pink and ACLU supporters by ending the classification of “enemy combatant.”  This is the designation that has allowed the United State government to arrest and confine some of the most dangerous terrorists.

He doesn’t seem to understand the war on terrorism is real.  He keeps treating it like a criminal case where liberal lawyers can use legal loopholes to get dangerous terrorists back on the battlefield to kill Americans.

Move America Forward is committed to standing up for our troops and opposing these steps that jeopardize American lives and make winning the war on terrorism even more difficult.  Please help us in this fight by contributing so our efforts to stop the liberals from succeeding:

Most Americans understand that radical Islamist terrorists who want to destroy western civilization are our enemies.  But the Department of Justice under President Obama is not like us.  They see this as an important time to protect the rights of the accused – even if it jeopardizing American security.  It is hard to understand how their priorities can be so mixed up.  They have already forgotten the horrendous lessons of 9/11.

The Obama Justice Department has just released the Administration’s position on “enemy combatants.”   To the shock of the national security community, they have decided to drop the designation entirely.   Apparently, the notion that terrorists who helped carry out 9/11 and wear it as a badge of honor could be called enemy combatants is indefensible in their professional legal opinion.


The news about Guantanamo detainees gets more unbelievable and wildly dangerous every day.  That’s why it’s so vital that we stop the march forward of these misguided and haphazard policies and fight to keep terrorists locked up. It’s hard to believe there could be much of an argument on that point, but there is, and we’re in dire risk of losing it.

Worst of all, we are deathly afraid this is an indication of things to come.  This is a statement from the new administration that they’re not willing to call it straight when it comes to America’s enemies.  They are risking the safety of Americans and our troops because they want to appease the far left’s idea of political correctness.

9/11 Mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed: no longer an enemy combatant

The significance of this ridiculous stand by the Justice Department could bring a total end to the military commissions that Congress established to try Guantánamo detainees for alleged war crimes and that Obama suspended shortly after taking office.

The military commission law says that only ''alien unlawful enemy combatants'' can be tried at the Guantánamo war court.  With the Justice Department’s new stand, NOT ONE TERRORIST would qualify for being tried!

They would either have to be released outright or brought to the United States for trial in our court system, where there is a strong likelihood that some would escape punishment altogether and be released and American intelligence secrets would be forced to be divulged to get criminal convictions.  It is a disaster looming because of the short-sightedness of President Obama and his liberal crew at the Justice Department.

This is why it’s so important that we stay loud and proud here at Move America Forward.  There is a need for us to be watchdogs, whistleblowers and street fighters now more than ever before.  When the Department of Justice won’t call fanatics who kill our troops “enemy combatants”, WE WILL.  And when the political leadership puts American safety and the security and honor of our troops below their personal convenience and deference to their own radical base, WE WON”T.

America needs a strong and proud voice speaking the plain truth about grave matters of life and death.  It’s too easy for people to forget the global struggle we still face, especially when the language of the war is being erased by our government.  Please make your most generous contribution today.  We have a lot of work to do.

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