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Saturday, March 21, 2009

From Sheridan Folger at American Daily Review

Obama's Gun Ban List Out, Strategy Clear: Disarm the troops then the citizens.

Our trusted American Cold War Veteran and active duty Army friends have brought some startling news to our attention.

We have done well in our vigil to defend the 2nd Amendment and prevent many of the following things from taking place, however this is one battle that will not end.

The Obama administration is subversively attacking our 2nd amendment rights in an effort to effectively eliminate them. They will disarm our veterans and active duty troops because they can ‘easily’ do so by government order. We have already heard and seen the possible legislation that would lump PTSD in the disqualifier category.

To quote Scott L’Ecuyer, Director American Cold War Veterans Inc, “You go to fight for your country, when you return home the government disarms you!”

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