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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Beck Goes Off After Houston Officer Shot in Face by Illegal Criminal Alien: Video

Cross posted from MsUnderestimated.

Today on Beck’s show, one of his guests was Michael Berry, a radio talk show host on Houston’s KTRH. Berry was on to talk about Houston PD officer Rick Salter who was shot in the face by an illegal criminal alien drug smuggler, as the HPD Narcotics Unit tried to serve a search warrant on his (Wilfido Joel Alfaro’s) house. As Berry puts it, Alfaro had a $40K house with a $50K surveillance system. Alfaro opened fire on the first officer (Salter) in the house after the breach, and the scum-sucking dirtbag was killed immediately after that.

Yesterday on the Glenn Beck Show, he brought us the story of Houston PD Officer Rick Salter, who was shot in the face by a criminal illegal alien drug lord. We also learned that Houston’s Mayor Bill White is a pu$$y P.C. jerk, who has made Houston a pseudo-sanctuary city, apparently preferring to look the other way on immigration laws.

Gary Blankinship from the Houston Police Officers’ Union was on to give Glenn an update as to what’s going on now regarding this case, and how Ofcr. Salter is doing - and it doesn’t sound so good. Oddly enough, Houston’s wimpy Mayor declined to come on the show. Who would have thought that would happen?
I will make this request again:


Mayor Bill White
City of Houston
P.O. Box 1562
Houston, TX 77251
PHONE: 832.393.1000
EMAIL: mayor@cityofhouston.net
Also there is a fund for the Salter Family -
Assist the Officer’s fund, 1600 State St., Houston, TX 77007
If you can help the Officer, please do so. And if you can help the Mayor find his spine, feel free to do that, as well. But whatever you do, say a prayer for the Salter family.