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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

How The Socialist Are Destroying America From Within

H/T Snooper's Journal.

I read this article today on my Blog Talk Radio show and it stresses and confirms the same message I have been on my Soap Box about for nearly 30 years. Quite a few "liburawls" whine and bray at the moon when I mention the List of 45. In short, this is the list that gets the panties all wound up because it exposes to a "T" that which is taking place in this Nation and is the reason why I coined the phrase "Take Our Country Back".

Many "opposition sites" have "borrowed" that phrase and have tried to apply it to Conservatives explicitly and to Republicans in general. Nothing could be more wrong or disingenuous to say the least. The Neo Marxists claim that it is they who are taking the country back and that is a direct result of the manifestation of the worse sort of mental illness, a Liberal Pathology.

How can they claim to be taking anything back when they never had the country in the first place, unless they are referring to the FDR Administration? Then again, he did support and defend the USSR. The Neo Marxists, aka Liberal, Socialist Democrat, Progressive, have managed to overthrow the United States Constitution and the proof is revealed in the political rhetoric thusly: Pelosi: the will of the congress will be done; Reid: the Congress has spoken; in regards to States Rights, many congress critters stated that federal statute trumps the constitution.

There are many examples of the unconstitutional federal government and the federal judiciary system. Take a look at this list and you tell me if I am correct. The list is annotated in the book "The Naked Communist" and is available.

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