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Sunday, March 15, 2009

FOUNDING WORD: The Gospels - Parts 1, 2, and 3

Cross posted from Joshua P. Allem's.

The following audio's from Josh's JPA Live Radio Program is perhaps one of the best, if not the best discussions of the first 4 Gospels in the New Testament, Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John I've had the good fortune to listen to.
Mr. Allem has provided us a unique look into God's Word, articulated in terms Christians can understand and relate to. His precise rendition is clearly a gift to us all.

Thank you Josh.

Please visit Josh's web site linked above for more JPA Live.

Part I:

We're gonna tackle the first four books of the New Testament. First we'll go over a little background, introduction and overview of all four books. Then will cover the heavy portion of John's introduction where God Himself becomes a man. Then for fun, we'll go over the genealogy of Jesus Christ and it's many sevens.

Part 2:

-- The Christmas Story -- God's "dilemma" of being perfect in his justice and perfect in his love at the same time -- God's establishment of the "balance transfer" system -- Zachariah; Mary's encounter with Gabriel -- The nature and capabilities of angels -- Why it had to be a virgin birth -- What it really means to be filled with the Holy Spirit -- The birth of John the Baptist -- The birth of Jesus Christ -- The shepherds close encounters of the supernatural kind -- The most accurate English translations of the Bible --

Part 3:

-- The awesome irony of Jesus' dedication -- The surprise encounter with Simeon and Anna in the Temple -- The politics of Israel during the reign of Herod -- The mysterious "Wise Men" from the east -- The supernatural physics of "the star" over Bethlehem -- Herod's wrath -- Timeless prophecies of all things Jesus -- The Passover Feast -- Jesus at age 12 --