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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Cyber Pastor's Daily Deciblez!!!

Wow, a potpourri of posts for today: Presidential prayer, Congress needing to fund the troops, Chavez, Israel, and a straw poll. Lots happening in the world, and I could have posted all day and not even started.

I really want to start with and heavily promote the ongoing "Israel - America's Greatest Ally" series! My good friend Boaz makes his first contribution to the series today, and the comments (well one I won't count) have been terrific!

To follow that news is that I have Dean's next installment for the series to post tomorrow. In am humbled by the outstanding work these two dear friends are doing, and I pray that the information is helping people understand this topic better than they ever have.


OneNewsNow - Bauer on Chavez - Venezuelans show they prefer freedom to socialism! Who doesn't??????

2008 Presidential Straw Poll - Let Your Voice be Heard - you need to take the time to go here and let your voice be heard. This poll is used by the mainstream media on occasion, and the Conservative Christian voice of the "no longer Silent Majority" needs to be heard loud and clear!

Vets For Freedom - Fund The Troops Before Christmas - The fact that the Congress has already taken one vacation without taking care of this is a story in itself, but this is an action item for you to contact your members of Congress to act on this. Our troops DESERVE to be taken care of and we need to let our elected officials, who work for us hear about their failure to get this done!

Israel - America's Greatest Ally; Boaz Post 1 -
go to RCP http://www.realclearpolitics.com/readerarticles/?period=all and scroll down until you find this article and vote for it if you like and have time!