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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Israel - America's Greatest Ally; Update

Palestinian peace with Israel not possible, says Israeli author

Chad Groening
December 11, 2007

An Israeli author and lecturer says it's against the very tenets of Islam for Moslems to tolerate the existence of a Jewish state. Hence, he believes it will be impossible for the United States to broker a deal creating a Palestinian nation peacefully co-existing with Israel.

Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert is promising to "forge a historic path" toward a final peace settlement with the Palestinians, and negotiators from both sides are poised to meet for the first time in nearly seven years. Both sides are reportedly focusing on the ultimate goal of reaching a peace agreement by the end of next year.

But Israeli author Avi Lipkin says peace with the Moslems is just not possible. "The problem with the Palestinians is they've got a religion called Islam that believes that all the Jews and Christians must die -- the Jews on Saturday and the Christians on Sunday. And the idea of a Jewish state existing and being recognized by Islam is impossible," claims Lipkin.

Lipkin believes the Moslems have a much different "peace" agenda than the Israelis. "The Moslems even said before the Annapolis conference that they are ready to make some kind of an accord with Israel as long as it's not the Jewish state," he points out. He says that any deal that Moslems would sign would eventually lead to the destruction of Israel, not a peaceful co-existence. It is the intent of Moslems, says Lipkin, to replace Israel with an Islamic state.

The American-born Israeli author says any peace attempt coming out of the Annapolis conference is doomed to failure.

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