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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Vets For Freedom - Fund The Troops Before Christmas

Fund The Troops Before Christmas
Write Your Elected Officials Today

Vets for Freedom members,

As the holiday season quickly approaches, the United States Congress owes American troops around the globe an explanation about why they don't have funding. These facts speak for themselves:

Congress has had over 300 days to consider the initial war funding requests based on the strategic recommendations of the military commanders on the ground.
Congress has taken over 70 days of vacation since receiving the war funding request in February.

If Congress fails to pass a war funding bill before leaving Washington this year, the Pentagon will soon be required to begin layoffs of about 100,000 civilian workers.
Click on the following links to see what military bases could be affected in your state:

And for a state-by-state listing of military bases, click on:

As Congress prepares to go on yet another vacation through mid-January, it has a responsibility to fully fund the soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines who will spend their holidays in the mountains of Afghanistan, the desert sands of Iraq, and other battlefronts of the Global War on Terror. This is about equipment, training and support, not politics. The Congressional leadership must stop dragging their heels and step up to support our brave service members. We only have to listen to recent positive comments made by Members who previously believed the "surge" wasn't working:

Rep. Norm Dicks (D-WA), after a visit this week
http://capwiz.com/vetsforfreedom/utr/1/CFQXHXMTPF/OPCPHXONFT/1592131796 to Iraq, said, "There is a sense of normalcy you didn't see before. In that sense, the surge is being successful." And he went on to admit that - while encouraging continued political progress among Iraqi leaders - he "felt kinda embarrassed telling the Iraqis they had to get their act together and pass legislation when we can't do it back here."

Rep. Jack Murtha (D-PA), after a recent visit to Iraq stated on November 29th - "I think the surge is working."
that General Petraeus' strategy, "has really made a difference and really has gotten al-Qaeda on their heels."

Terrorist attacks in Iraq are down 55 percent, civilian fatalities have decreased 60 percent, and Iraqi Security Force casualties are down 40 percent since the surge of operations began in June. By New Year's Day, 5,700 troops will be returning home to their loved ones. As Vets for Freedom members, these facts and statements come as no surprise. The time has come for Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Majority Leader Harry Reid to stop playing politics with the troops and send President Bush a clean funding bill. From Kandahar and Kabul, to Baghdad and Anbar Province, the enemy is on the run. Our troops are accomplishing their mission - now it's time for Congress to do its job.


Last week, we asked all of you to contact your local papers, and Vets for Freedom members answered the call, sending hundreds of letters to newspapers across the county. This week, we urgently need all Vets for Freedom members to write a short letter or email to their Members of Congress, asking them to fund the troops-without timelines or deadlines for defeat.

Click here to go to the Vets for Freedom http://capwiz.com/vetsforfreedom/utr/1/CFQXHXMTPF/OIRPHXONFV/1592131796website and write your brief letter. You can do it all through our site in less than 5 minutes. The least we can do is let Congress know how important this issue is!

For even more material, visit the Vets for Freedom website to see our "Progress in Iraq" http://capwiz.com/vetsforfreedom/utr/1/CFQXHXMTPF/GJTJHXONFW/1592131796 section and get the latest facts about both military and political progress in Iraq.
The men and women of the United States military are doing a superb job in Iraq and Afghanistan - Congress must fully fund their missions with no strings attached. Do your part to let Congress know that enough is enough.

Move out and draw fire!

Pete Hegseth
Executive Director
Vets for Freedom