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Thursday, December 13, 2007

U.S. House okays resolution recognizing Christianity, Christmas

This is a follow-up from a story yesterday. While I am thankful that this resolution passed and by the number it passed by, I am saddened by the fact that it was even necessary, and the there were any "nay" or "present" votes cast. - Cyber Pastor

U.S. House okays resolution recognizing Christianity, Christmas

Chad Groening
December 12, 2007

Thanks to the efforts of an Iowa congressman, Christmas and the Christian faith are receiving the same congressional recognition afforded other religions.

Representative Steve King (R-Iowa) is pleased that his Christmas resolution, recognizing the importance of Christmas and the Christian faith, was able to pass on Tuesday night with bipartisan support. H. Res. 847 passed on a 372-9 vote, all "nay" votes coming from Democrats. Ten House members (nine Democratic) voted "present."

The Iowa lawmaker says the resolution follows two similar bills honoring both the Hindu and the Islamic religions and their respective holidays.

"Watching Congress honor Islam during Ramadan, and also Diwali, which is a Hindu holiday, brought it home to me that we were doing that and not honoring Christianity," King shares. "I'm Christian by faith and most of us are in Congress." As are the majority of Americans, three-fourths of whom King says identify themselves as Christians.

"This nation has about 225 million Christians out of the 300 million, and about two billion Christians throughout the world," he states. "And the foundations of this nation are a Christian foundation [and] our founders were Christian. So for us to move forward towards Christmas without honoring Christ is, I think, a great omission, especially if we're going to honor other religions."

The text of the resolution recognizes the Christian faith as "one of the great religions of the world," and acknowledges the role played by Christians and Christianity in the founding of the United States and the formation of Western civilization.

King says it was important to get the resolution passed because Congress is scheduled to adjourn very soon for the Christmas recess and will not return until mid-January. He also indicates he is pleased that Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi did not try to stop a vote on the bill.