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Friday, December 14, 2007

Stop The Hand Shows - Thompson Campaign

Dear Friend of Fred,

In the 1980 campaign, I worked for Ronald Reagan. I was proud to be part of his team.

Now, I am just as proud to be part of Fred Thompson's team.

That's why I am writing to seek your help today.

In 1980, the defining moment for President Reagan was in a New Hampshire debate when he refused to kowtow to a belligerent moderator.

Fred had a defining moment on Wednesday in the Iowa debate, when he refused the liberal moderator's demand to raise his hand to say yes or no to a complex question.

The similarities were incredible.

We have reached a critical juncture in the campaign--and we need you to step up once again.

On Monday, Fred kicks off "The Clear Conservative Choice: Hands Down!" Bus Tour in Iowa. The tour will take Fred to 50 cities and towns across Iowa in the most aggressive retail campaigning of the whole campaign.

Just in time for the Iowa caucuses on January 3! In fact, Fred will be there virtually the entire time except Christmas until the vote.

We call it "The Clear Conservative Choice" tour because Fred is the only clear, consistent conservative in the race. He was conservative in the past, he is today and he will be so in the future. You can count on him.

We just added the "Hands Down" to commemorate his dominating performance in the Wednesday debate.

I believe this tour can make the difference in the Iowa caucuses. It will bring Fred in contact with thousands of caucus goers--it will build off the momentum of Fred's performance.

Fred is really energized...and he's already come out swinging.

But that's where you come in.

We need "air cover" in the form of media for our tour and our first rate ground game.

As you can imagine, Fred is the best on TV and his bold proposals have been highly praised by conservative publications and commentators.

But we need additional funding for our final media push.

Can you help?

Could you contribute $25, 50, $100 or more today? Your contribution will help us get a powerful new ad on the air just as the caucuses conclude.

We want 2400 donors in 24 hours to show the liberal media that we are tired of of their games. No More Hand Shows!

Then send an e-card to all your friends and family letting them know you have had enough of the liberal media's games.

Your help is crucial--can you respond immediately? Go here to contribute.

I know things are tight this time of year, just before Christmas...BUT NOW IS WHEN WE NEED YOU THE MOST!

Please make your contribution today.

Help Fred keep his bandwagon rolling--and the momentum increasing!

Just think about Fred's defining moment--and make your contribution now.

The time is right--the time is NOW.

Thanks so much for your help.


William B. Lacy, Campaign Manager

P.S. We're only 20 days away from the Iowa Caucuses. Your gift of $25, $50, $100, $500, $1000, or $2300 is crucial to Fred's success.