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Tuesday, December 4, 2007


President Bush addresses the guests and the 2007
Kennedy Center Honorees in the East Room during a reception
in their honor at the White House. Those honored include Brian Wilson,
Martin Scorsese, Diana Ross, Steve Martin and Leon Fleisher.
Pray for President and Mrs. Bush as they continue to host many
guest during Christmas gatherings and tours at the White House,
asking that the love of God and a spirit of peace will be present.
Photo courtesy of the White House.

Give thanks and praise to God for the preliminary success of this week’s Annapolis Peace Summit. Thank God for the clear commitment to step up and lead their nations to pursue peace made by Prime Minister Olmert and President Abbas. Pray for them as they have agreed to meet regularly in the coming days. Pray also for the “steering committee” which will oversee the process, starting with a meeting in Jerusalem on 12/12. Pray for God’s Spirit to be present in every encounter, providing His solutions to the difficult problems facing both sides. Pray that they will be able to work together to bring a new season of peace in the Middle East, characterized by freedom, security, justice, dignity, respect and mutual recognition.

Pray for President Bush, Secretary of State Rice and members of their teams as they continue to instigate the peace process between all the key parties. Pray for wisdom and strength at every turn as they influence these leaders toward peace.

Give thanks for the dedication of Al Hubbard, President Bush’s Director of the National Economic Council. Hubbard announced this week that he is stepping down. Pray for Keith Hennessey whom the President has appointed as Hubbard’s replacement—for God’s wisdom to guide him as he makes this important transition.

President Bush announced encouraging news this week about a reduction of US greenhouse gas emissions during a period of economic growth. Give thanks for this news and pray for the President and his advisors as they continue to work on the important issues of energy security and climate change, that they will safeguard the precious resources of God’s creation.

Give thanks for the dedicated service of Senator Trent Lott who has announced that he would resign at the end of the year. Pray for him to clearly discern God’s will for his next steps, and pray for Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour who will appoint a replacement to finish out Lott’s term.

Pray for the members of Congress as they return to session, asking God to guide each one with His wisdom. Pray for God’s grace and wisdom for legislators as they return to deal with a number of key issues before the Christmas recess.

With just a little more than a month remaining before the Iowa Caucuses on 1/3/08, pray for candidates and citizens alike as the first vote draws near. Pray for the remaining debates to provide clear information that voters need to discern whom they will choose. Be sure to visit our Pray the Vote site for the best information on campaigns and candidates.

Give thanks and praise to God for the success of the troop surge and the resultant peace and order that have come to Baghdad and the nation of Iraq. Pray for continued success for Iraqi security forces, that they will continue to gain strength and take over full control of the safety of their nation and their people.

As our troops in Iraq continue to push forward, clearing out insurgents and strengthening Iraqi security forces, give thanks and praise to God for their success, diligence and sacrifices. Pray also for those who serve in Afghanistan, Kuwait and around the world, asking God’s complete protection over each one and praying for their loved ones who await their return.