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Thursday, December 6, 2007

Rolling Across Iowa

I am in Iowa campaigning. We've had quite a few days and we are just getting started. The crowds are strong and growing. The Des Moines Register's latest poll shows us in the lead in Iowa but we aren't taking anything for granted.

Governor Romney has spent $7,000,000 in Iowa and we have spent $328,000. His money has been poured into a strong organization on the ground which we must match to be successful.

Over the last two months we have set challenging online fundraising goals and each time thanks to the support of tens of thousands of individuals we have exceeded these goals, raising more than $3.2 million online. Thank you!

Today, we are setting a new goal of $1,150,000 that we must raise before December 15 at midnight.

Your support will be invested immediately into:

1. Our bus tour across Iowa. We want to have the financial resources to reach every corner of the state. The money we raise towards this goal will help keep the "Huckabus" rolling.

2. We need to have the resources to begin running ads in New Hampshire and South Carolina.

3. After the Iowa Caucuses we must to be prepared to seize the momentum with new television, radio and web ads aired nationally.

Reaching this new December 15 goal is critical to our national campaign strategy. I am asking every member of my team to contribute immediately so we can shift our focus away from fundraising towards contacting voters.

With deep gratitude,
Mike Huckabee
Note from Cyber Pastor: I have taken out the links and a couple of lines making direct request for donations. That information can be found at www.mikehuckabee.com .