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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

American Universities and Islam

There have been several posts in the past with regard to the infiltration of Islam into our university and college campuses. This issue is still plaguing our higher schools of learning, or, as some might say quite rightly, schools of indoctrination. A couple of comments at Do The Right Thing recharged my desire to once again bring this to the front. Unfortunately I cannot remain entirely neutral based upon my knowledge of Islam and the spread of left wing doctrine at college campuses. Both have been on going for some time now. Most of the information can be found at DAFKA, Defending America for Knowledge and Action, a site inspired by Lee Kaplan.


Since the War on Terror began, American college campuses have been increasingly under the influence of radical leftists allied with Wahhabist Saudi, PLO and other overseas governments that help finance the international terrorist network or act as its cheerleaders. This influence is decidedly anti-US and anti-Israel.

For more information on this problem, please, read DAFKA National Director Lee Kaplan’s article: Scholars for Terror

This steady stream of anti-US and anti-Israel propaganda on the campuses, contrary to leading to peaceful settlements in the Middle East, are only serving to roil the conflicts in that region and creating divisions at home among future generations of Americans, while draining the American people of their resources both by causing increases in taxes as the war roils on, and by undermining domestic security at our own universities (for example, Title VI money from the US Education Act intended to teach Arabic to aid in the war effort gets diverted to classes that in essence support the Iraqi “resistance” or Hamas).

Across America, almost daily Palestinian, pro-Hamas and pro-Hizballah campus groups set up expensive “checkpoint” or “apartheid wall” displays coordinated and funded through professional PR agencies to try and persuade students that terrorist goals overseas are peace movements as a deceptive means to make war on America and Israel. In addition, Saudi and UAE funding permeates Middle East Studies centers on US campuses to infiltrate into the classroom and teach the same manner of indoctrination and misinformation found in the most despotic regimes of the Arab world.

DAFKA is an organization that is fiercely anti-fascist and pro-democracy, fiercely pro-US and pro-Israel. Its purpose on US college campuses will be to educate American college students with the truth about countries overseas that are not democratic yet are holding sway over their educational experiences in the Humanities at American universities. A recent Luntz Survey showed that many students in law schools around the US who will be our next generation of leaders actually think Israel is a dictatorship instead of a pluralistic democracy and that the PLO, including Hamas are a “liberation” movement. This “getting it backwards” is the result of constant indoctrination on US campuses by academics and professional students funded by Saudi money. That sway is jeopardizing the American educational paradigm as the types of indoctrination and misinformation used by totalitarian countries overseas is now being imported more and more when foreign dictatorships buy their way into control of the curriculum on college campuses.

See Lee Kaplan’s article: The Saudi Fifth Column on US Campuses

While there are other pro-American and/or pro-Israel organizations in the United States that deal with campus issues, most work independently and haphazardly from one another. One of the purposes of DAFKA will be not only to distribute its own educational materials, books, free DVD’s, and flyers to students nationwide on campuses but to coordinate the materials of all the best of such organizations and make sure all of their material gets into the hands of students on campuses on a daily basis. At present, only a small percentage of materials produced by these other organizations is read by students who do not easily get the required material with the exception of what they see on the Web.

In addition, some organizations are dominated by a leftist mentality and are easily infiltrated by the same anti-American and anti-Israel movements as mentioned above who use funding intended to support America and Israel in deceptive manners to actually promote the opposite. For example, the International Solidarity Movement has used money from Jewish philanthropists spent to promote an understanding and support for Israel called Birthright to get anti-Israel activists free trips by sending American college students to the West Bank so they can act as human shields for Palestinian terrorist groups. Even local campus Hillels have been duped into supporting divestment campaigns against the state of Israel.

In addition you can also read the following two articles from American Thinker; George Mason University to Host Next ISM Conference; The International Solidarity Movement and it's friends .

There is also a vast amount of information here at Stop the ISM .

This situation is so rife, that anti-Semitism has become acceptable on US campuses by claims from anti-Israel and anti-American groups that they are only attacking and boycotting Israel and not Jews in general, and by expressing support for those who kill American troops as “freedom fighters,” while claiming they are not against a capitalist America.

See Lee Kaplan’s articles, Campus Rally For Terror, The Al Awada Conference at San Francisco State University, and The Divestment Conference at Georgetown

DAFKA will turn back this tide by means of setting up a chapter on each American campus where DAFKA students will table two to three times per week using multimedia that will include live videos of films by Pierre Rehov (www.pierrerehov.com) , www.MEMRI.org, plus materials from campus related Israel activist groups like www.CAMERA.org , Librarians for Fairness and even films provided by the US military.

These films are translated versions of Palestinian and Arab television not normally seen in mainstream media that reveal what is really said against America and Jews routinely in the Arab world, that show recruitment of children as terrorists, and shows the average American student the deception they have been getting on campus and in the classroom.

As mentioned, DAFKA’s main thrust will be pro-active instead of re-active in countering anti-American and/or anti-Semitic presentations on campus. For example, DAFKA will promote the USO and will also be voicing support for US military recruiters on campus. Informational events will be organized bringing in veterans from Iraq to discuss their personal experiences, as well as Israeli soldiers who can discuss their experiences defending Israel. History will be an important part of DAFKA’s mission, dispelling historical misinformation as much as possible. Today, students in the classroom are even taught fictitious history as fact but do not know how to respond. DAFKA will help them to discover the Truth.

Note: At this juncture you will understand the depth of research into this disturbing, if not frightening, article.

To increase your knowledge of how and perhaps why this is taking place I direct you to an article cross posted in several places thanks largely to the efforts of Snooper, Miss Beth, and Spree. You can find this article here, here, and here.

DAFKA will also encourage investigative journalism among students in the organization, Also a part of work study by writing in campus newspapers, appearing on campus radios and TV to promote an American and pro-democratic agenda and revealing how campus activity money is being used to propagandize against America and Israel.

We are not a hate group and have Muslims, Jews, Christians and Secularists involved in our organization. We do not condone or advocate violence in any way. Once funding is in order, we hope to increase the educational opportunity for students who join DAFKA by designating work-study programs for students who will table at least twice weekly on campus showing these DVDs and handing out free scholarly material that refutes the anti-American and anti-Israel agenda. Through this they will gain valuable experience in communications and political media as well on how to support America through nonviolent but rather educational means.

Another major project our first year will be to have the first American-Israel Solidarity Movement Conference to mirror the yearly Palestine Solidarity Movement Conference staged every year in the USA where we will unite all pro-American and pro-Israel groups and discuss strategy and planning to specifically counter the Saudi and UAE funded propaganda campaigns on our campuses.

Finally, there is a boycott and divestment campaign against Israel going on at all major campuses in America right now. This campaign in fact forces 30% of Israel’s children and the elderly to go to bed hungry at night, something the Israeli government does not like to discuss. A major campaign of campus DAFKA chapters will be to launch our own nationwide campaign to get the colleges to divest from or accepting any money from Saudi Arabia or the Gulf States like the UAE specifically because these states still practice slavery, misogyny, and discrimination of religious minorities, something college administrations overlook despite their claims of being “progressive.” With this campaign we feel DAFKA will make national headlines and turn the anti-American and anti-Israel agenda on US campuses on their heads. But we need funding to do all this.

DAFKA national director Lee Kaplan can now be heard every Tuesday and Thursday evenings on the Jim Kirkwood Show at www.k-talk.com from 8-10 pm pacific time to discuss Homeland Security issues and the War on Terror. Listeners can call in with questions (phone 801 254-5855). On television, Lee Kaplan and Becky Johnson can be seen on Club Cruz every Tuesday and Thursday at 7 pm on channels 27 and 83 in Santa Cruz County. Please tune in.

As of December 12, 2006 DAFKA is now an official 501-c-3 tax-exempt foundation. Anyone wishing to donate funds to help us turn the tide on US campuses can now make a tax deductible donation of any amount. Please send your donations to: DAFKA, P.O. Box 1911, Pittsburg, CA 94565

We promise more results for your money in combatting anti-Americanism and anti-Semitism on American college campuses. Please join us.

Inquiries? email us at programs@dafka.org .