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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Nobama - Not Now, Not Ever

by Garry

Barack Hussein Obama has no gravitas. NObama has found his stride in the hunt for the nomination, he has been able to create some space between himself and the Wrong Reverend Wright, but he has no gravitas.

NObama has run an excellent campaign to date, he has stranded Shiitlery Clinton like a beached whale at high tide. NObama has run rings around her in getting financial support and offers what she will never have despite her being married to the first black president. He appeals to the Effete Liberal Elites and their need for absolution against injustice.

If the demographics of each primary are looked at, NObama won the areas where the Effete Limp Wristed elitist Liberals hold the largest margins. University towns, Liberal North Eastern bastions of Elitism, and perhaps most importantly, the Vast Left Wing Media Conspiracy, otherwise known as the Main Stream Media.

While she fought for the nomination, Shiitelery was able to garner the votes from the group NObama called’ bitter', the Democrats who are gun totin, Bible clenching aficionados of Blue Collar humor. The Democrats who believe in America , the Democrats who understand the need to bleed to keep America free. Shiitlery is able to accommodate the Democrats who have a belief system connected Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of happiness. They are wrong headed that group, but so are the Republican In Name Only crop of liberal sycophants currently in office.

NObama appeals to those who see the European Union socialist countries as the epitome of Statehood, the Holy Grail of the cradle to grave nanny state. And of course, NObama appeals to the EuroSocialist crowd who want so desperately for America to become just another vassal state of the European Union, or at least second in world stature to the EU.

Unfortunately for the effete snobs of both the EU and the Liberal Bastions of American Socialism, NObama is no more likely to be elected President of the United States than John "effen" Kerry. The Socialist elitism of both Kerry and NObama don't play well with the Average American No matter the party affiliation. And especially for the Reagan Democrats who crossed over the party line to follow the vision of someone who was able to convince them of the insurmountable greatness of America . Those Dixiecrats will never follow a man who they see as looking down on them from a lofty height, offering his scintilla of accommodation to their needs.

The NObama campaign has played a fine line of pandering to the myriad groups which make up the Democrat party, promising health care to those who old enough to really need it, or who have children and really need health care. Promising higher taxes against the "rich" no explanation of who the "rich" are, just that they will have to pay more so someone else can pay less. Promising to protect the tax cuts for the poor, who oddly enough don't actually PAY taxes, mostly they just GET tax returns for having paid no taxes in the first place.

The promises ring hollow to any and all who actually listen to the vacuous and empty promises and try to make sense of them (and fail)

But NObama does appeal to a fast growing segment of America , the Muslim community, who see his ties to Muslim theology, his ties to dealing diplomatically with Hamas and by inference with Hizbullah. (two sides of the same coin)

But I digress as usual, the group Nobama will never carry in a General Election are those old style Democrats and independents who value two items, Freedom of Speech and the Right to Bear Arms, those are Rights which we as Americans have made our own, ask anyone in a third world cesspool nation with a Dictatorial Leadership, what they like about America and the answer is nearly always the same - Freedom.

The Freedom to speak out, the Freedom to be whatever they are able to be.
Again those gun toting, Bible packing "bitter" people NObama spoke about. The people who have little trust for multinational, Eurocentric corporations and organizations, such as the United Nations.

Free speech is tied to the US as it is in no other country or group of countries, it is the one thing we export which is never in short supply. Except in the Universities, and the Liberal Bastions of Information Slavery (Left Wing Media Conglomerates) On the campuses of America is where the concept of "Never Offensive" speech has taken root. The idea that no one should be offended at anythi9ng for any reason.

American religious belief is still alive despite the Socialist Apologist Media and their attempts to stamp it out. Despite nearly five decades of trying, we still cling to our beliefs, and hold tightly to our guns in the understanding that the threat of the guns are what keeps the RIGHT of Religious worship from being taken away.We as Americans support Israel and we have from the beginning, not because we are Jewish Apologists, but more because we like to se the underdog win, more because despite the odds, Israel not only became a nation again, but also survived against the Arab onslaught time and time again. The fundamental and common bond of Jewish belief and Christian belief keeps America and Israel united against those foes who even now seek to destroy both the Zionists and the Great Satan. We stand against Islam, and will continue to do so until it is no longer a threat to the civilized world.

Nobama is a effete, limp wristed intellectual, well insulated from reality by his Ivy League education and the Liberal angst for the sins of their fathers (now great, great grandfathers commission of the act of slavery).

Nobama carries an unspoken hatred of American values, he must if he is to consort with and befriend the likes of rev Jerry Wright, Bill Ayers the "former" weather Underground Terrorist.
Even NObamas wife hates America, since she was never proud of America until she saw her husband making chumps of so many simple minded morons who were taking the slogan of "Hope" and "Change" without so much as even a two paragraph explanation of what to hope for or what NObama was going to change.

NObama has promised to discuss our differences with all who hate us, making them our everlasting friends by some wink of the eye, or nod of the head or giving in to their demands most likely. Again, NObama is an America Hater. We are always wrong, we always do the wrong and immoral act, every ill on the planet is our fault, if only we were nicer and had more compassion and we could raise the taxes on the rich more, so we could send more of those taxes overseas to cure the ills of every militaristic third world despot (North Korea comes to mind) the world would love us and we could all sing Kumbaya and be in a Coca-Cola commercial.

In the coming years, America will need a Leader who is able to inspire the nation to be strong, a leader who will be able to meet head on the threat of Iran and their desire for nuclear weapons, North Korea and their unwillingness to abide by the Nonproliferation Treaty they signed. The next leader of the Free World will need to be able to meet the threat of Islam and it's apparent desire, fueled by petro-dollars, to destroy all who won't accept their False god of Allah and the 7th Century child molester Muhammad.

In short, we don't need NObama, not now, and not in the future. NObama is in fact a more serious threat to this nation than Shiitelery Clinton ever hoped to be.