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Friday, May 9, 2008

Anti-Americanists Really Get Under My Skin

Below in bold italics, is a comment at Digital Journal on a post I made about my One Day, One Man Protest.

Now I don't know about you, but I'm about sick to death of those who don't appreciate the great nation that we call the United States of America! I know there are plenty of things most of us would like to change about our country, but it is still the best place in the world today. 

Young men and women are fighting and dying at this very moment so that MOONBATS like the one below are able to say such nonsense. For those of us who have served, and those who love our country, this isn't what Free Speech means. 

My response at DJ follows his remarks. If you would like to let this person know what you think of the comment he made, then click the link above to go to the story and scroll down to the bottom and make your comment. (And now a shameless plug - if you would like to vote for my post while there, that would be a good thing :) )

I'm certain men of peace in Germany were dismissed similarly by the party as the NAZIs rolled over Germany and the rest of Europe. 

Fortunately the Red Army and U.S. Industrialism stood in the way of NAZI domination then What is it that will stand in the way of U.S. Fascist efforts at world domination now..?

To compare the United States of America to the Nazi Regime is totally unacceptable, even given your free speech rights. You owe every American citizen and especially those of us who have proudly served our country in military service an apology. 

I'll be waiting. 

And not to mention that your statement has nothing to do with the post I wrote.