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Thursday, May 15, 2008

This Is Why.....

........ the "New Media" must work so hard to get our Conservative message out to America. 

It's bad enough that the Main Stream Media is so biased towards the liberal agenda, and the following isn't new, but just puts in perspective how liberal our colleges and universities are today. 

I'm watching Fox News here this morning at 6:25 am, and they are doing a story about Colorado University.  They are reporting that based on a analysis of voter registration of the professors at the university (done by a professor there at CU) only 32 out of 800 are Republicans. 

The university chancellor, Bud Peterson is looking for 9 million dollars for an endowment to lure a conservative thinker to the campus. 

Now I personally haven't done any research on this particular story, and I'm using this Fox report for the facts, but I want to point out that these state run universities are using your tax dollars to poison the minds of our young men and women with liberalism to a very high degree. 

Again, there is nothing new here, just some staggering numbers that prove what some of us have known for years. 

Next thing you know, they will be catering to people who want to kill us and destroy our country........