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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Jerome Graber's New Book is Available.

Hello all!
My book, "What My Two Year Old Taught Me About Grace," is finally out and available. I am attaching a pic of the cover and back page, just because I am so proud of it.
When I first mentioned my book to you all, several of you expressed interest in it. If you still want to buy a copy for yourself or for gifts, I'd be happy to oblige! ;-)
The list price is $12.95, and will be available in about two weeks through Barnes and Noble's online bookstore. Or, you can request them directly from me and get an autographed copy for 20% off in time for Father's Day or for graduation gifts.
But if you are interested, e-mail me back and let me know. I'll get your mailing address and arrange to get a signed copy out ASAP.
Jerome Graber (aka loving_it from the old GOP.com days.)

Here's the direct link to where people can order the book. 
Or, you are welcome to give people my e-mail address if they want autographed copies.

Jerome's email address is:jerome@firstqualityhomes.com .