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Thursday, May 29, 2008

SFBert Tells It Like It Is

SFBert originally posted this in the comments section, but since he is a member of the Cyber Crew and because this is such a good post - here it is for everyone to see. Cyber Pastor

1. Obama can be forgiven for getting his camps mixed up. To most folks it doesn't matter -- the crimes were equal in both places. My brother owns a copy of the photo evidence book used at the Nurenberg trials. He keeps it as a reminder that evil truly exists. An hour with the book alone will make the words, " The Nazis were evil" seem banal. 

2. The disgrace is that Obama took the opportunity to push his agenda, that the military are victims, on a day to honor the fallen. It is hard to explain to a non-veteran but Memorial Day is to honor the dead, not obliquely infer that if he were President, veteran's would be better treated. 

3. Regarding his uncle staying at home for six months after he returned -- maybe he just wanted to. One has to sort himself out after returning home. Everyday I drive past the VA Hospital grounds in Waco -- it's an enormous complex built for WWII psychiatric casualties. Help was there for the asking. God only knows when I go there, folks want me to take another and another PTSD evaluation. And when I refuse, they feel that is proof I have it -- because I deny it. One day I'll write about my theory about PTSD and why I think some folks get it and others going through worse don't. And will also write about the cottage industry set up within the VA to gin up diagnoses of it. In any case, help was available for Obama's grand-uncle, if he had wanted it. 

4. I've had my fill about hearing about how bad the economy is. Seems it was OK till 2006 when a Democrat Congress was seated. They can scream about the spend-thrift Republicans all they want, but the forget the days immediately after 9/11 when the economy shut down because we Americans were a bunch of whiny, worried wimps afraid to resume daily life. The spending and tax cuts got things going again and kept them going. I lived through Jimmy Carter's economy. To me the change Obamaites want looks awfully Carteresque. You want change? Great just you wait till you endure that change you wanted. Change can be for the worst also. 

5. This election cycle is absolutely depressing -- the bad (McCain), the worse (Clinton), and the worst (Obama). May God have mercy on us for being stupid and getting ourselves in this fix. The worst of it all, is that there's no where to run to to avoid what we're bringing on ourselves. Maybe I'll hide in my attic for the next four years. 

6. All this talk about Socialism ignores reality. Those pushing socialism are those who will best benefit personally from it. Look at Mexico -- the rich get richer, the poor carry everyone, and the middle class shrinks. Socialists prey on those who don't know human nature, on those who think that they can mandate a change in it, and those who join up for the benefit of being able to stay on the top. Where's the New Soviet Man today? 

7. The model for the modern USA isn't Imperial Rome as leftists like to compare us to -- it is ancient Athens circa the era of Alcibiades. Only now.