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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Op-Ed, America Held Hostage

Got Gas?

Well, I had to think of a title that fits what the enviro-whacko's, Socialisto Chavez and Islamic Fascists in Saudi Arabia want to do/are doing(circle one) to this country.

Think about it.

It's BOHICA time again America. Get the KY ready.

Do you like paying over $4.00 a gallon for gas? Please do not patronize me by telling me Europeans are paying double that price. This isn’t Europe and that is their problem. We ain’t Europe…yet.

In 1995, oil was $19.00 a barrel, it is now at $128.90 a barrel as of yesterday. Every year since 1995, liberals in CONgress have blocked efforts to increase domestic oil and gas production, not only in ANWR but throughout the country and offshore.

We have a potential of trillions of barrels of oil on our own continent but we can’t touch it thanks to whom? The idgits in CONgress? Enviro-whacko’s? Saudi propaganda? OPEC? The U.N.?

All of the above? You pick....

Do you like the fact that other countries are drilling for oil off our shores? Does it bother you that China is one of those countries? Do we hear about this from our worthless MSM?

Perhaps you don't mind making socialist Chavez rich or mind paying for the decadence of Saudi prince's. Maybe you are one of those enviro-whacko's. If so you can stop reading. I wouldn't want to upset your limp wristed sensibilities or chill your global warming panic or otherwise rain on your parade of nonsense.

Have a nice day....

This country and the world needs oil. Without it we would all be walking or riding bicycles and paying outrageous prices for food or worse.

You say you want this country to run on alternatives to oil? Great! We ain't there yet are we, and until we are we still need oil. Energy from the sun? Good idea but very expensive. Wind power? Another good idea that has lost support. Do you really want to see thousands of acres of those ugly windmill generators dotting the landscape? Expensive to build and maintain to keep them at 100% peak efficiency. Why not nuclear power? Ask your enviro-whacko’s. They have all the answers don’t they. Don’t they?

Burning coal to run our electrical power stations or heat our homes causes pollution. Believe what you want. No matter what we do to clean it up it still causes pollution.

Fact: The average new car on the road today runs 97 percent cleaner than the average car built in 1970, thanks to a combination of cleaner gasoline and more efficient engines. As a result - although there are more Americans driving more miles in more cars than ever before - automobile-related emissions are down 41 percent since 1970.

The following is a list of energy sources along with the percentage of total usage for each.

Petroleum: 42%

Coal: 24%

Natural Gas: 20%

Nuclear Power: 8%

Hydro Power: 2%

Solar, Wind,etc.:

I suppose you like driving your little hybrid auto or your moped. Aren't they cute?. Wouldn’t riding bicycles be even better? How much food do you reckon a bicycle can carry? Hey but what about oil for the wheel bearings or the chain. Do you think spit might lubricate them? Vegetable oil maybe?

Just ask an enviro-whacko where food comes from. If you live out here on the left coast in the land of fruits and nuts you might get this as an answer; "From the super market silly." LOL. Uh-huh. So how did all that food get to the super market in the first place? Hmmm? How is all that food produced? Hmmm?

More facts on oil

Warner-Lieberman bill could raise gas prices. Think $.50 a gallon more. Read it here. And here.

Want to do something about it? One possible step in that direction is to sign this petition .

There are 103,532 signatures at last count. Join us and tell CONgress to act now.