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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

"Every Day is Memorial Day" - I Pondered Long and Hard

This day after Memorial Day is another new beginning for us here at Do The Right Thing. For several days we have been posting a series entitled "Build Up to M-Day".  The purpose was that our troops and veterans deserve to be remembered more than 2 or 3 days a year. 

To keep that spirit going, we are going to continue that theme with a new name "Every Day is Memorial Day". 

Here is the first post, and SGT Porter is listed on our GWOT Prayer List. --- Cyber Pastor

submitted by Garry

I pondered long and hard about the issue of a post or just a note for Memorial Day, and one point was simply overwhelmed by the emotions it brings up. After listening to Daniel Porter speak on Sunday, I was lost.

Nothing I have, nothing I know compares to what the men and women serving now are going through.
It's easy to think or to say all war is the same. Good people live and good people die. But this time around, while the issues are clear cut, it's a lot more difficult to tell the players even with a score card.

Mistakes are made, and the wrong people die, that seems to be the worst part Daniel has to go through.
When his unit was attacked  and he got hurt, there were no casualties in his unit, but everything else in a radius did not walk away. That's just the way it is, when your buddies ass is on the line, everything else is secondary. When people live in a war zone, they just need to live with that fact, they are IN a war zone.

Ain't pretty, just real.
By the way, God the Father had his had on Daniel on the 3rd of March. The EFP which went through two open windows took his name tapes off his jacket on the way through.
Y'all take care and be blessed