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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Newest Member of The "Cyber Crew"

It is with great pleasure that I announce the newest member of the "Cyber Crew". A friend of many conservative bloggers, Groovy Lady has agreed to join with us here at Do The Right Thing. That's good for us Conservatives and not so good for those liberals who like to show up and make nasty hit and run comments. Welcome Groovy Lady and here is here bio in her own words. - Cyber Pastor

GroovyLady background.
My parents were divorced.  My brother is autistic.  I’m not married.  I have no children. My father died about 20 years ago.  My mother is a walking one woman American tragedy.  I submitted to God’s will the morning after my 30th birthday.  My life has been blessed ever since.
Synopsis of my general political beliefs
I was pro-choice; until Christian Conservatives explained the procedure for partial birth abortion to me.  I was anti-gun until a regular-Republican-kind-of-guy explained to me that the surest way to guarantee a police state and widespread government oppression is to take guns out of the hands of law-abiding American citizens.  That would ensure only members of government own guns.  I never really pitied the “poor;” though I do believe in American tragedies (i.e. Willie Loman in Arthur Miller’s play, “Death of a Salesman”).  I don’t hate the rich.  I always believed individualism is wholly and uniquely American.  For years I was deluded by left-leaning political leaders into believing their liberal ideologies nurtured individualism.  However, within the past decade it became obvious to me that the political left shuns individualism and embraces social conformity.  Also, I’ve come to believe the political left prefers to use our nation’s legal system to impose their communal ideologies and social control on our culture and society.
PERSONALLY don’t care if people are intimate with members of their own sex.  The Bible says what it says and I have full faith it’s God’s judgment; not anyone’s opinion, the homosexual community should be concerned with.  However, I am absolutely opposed to what’s commonly referred to as “gay marriage.”  I believe marriage is holy matrimony, witnessed and vows committed between one man and one woman in front of the eyes of God.  If blocking gay marriage is deemed unconstitutional by legislative judges and politicians; then, so too must not being married be unconstitutional.  Without undermining our entire legal system, we can’t have a society equal in the eyes of the law; yet, legally segregated by marital status.
Though I follow no particular Christian faith; I am Christian.  Because they refuse to see and they don’t want to hear that those they refer to as “unbelievers” are those who support them and who don’t support God in public in our country, I simultaneously hate and pray for those participating in Osama bin Laden’s Jihad .  I’d like to know how the Islamic mullahs and other leaders reconcile: “The enemy of my enemy is my friend,” when the enemy of their enemy wants to eliminate God from public life and view.