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Thursday, May 29, 2008

"Every Day is Memorial Day" - Another War Hero!

The following was the end of an email sent by my District Superintendent. I've deleted a couple of pieces of info to protect this person's privacy. 

This last Sunday I met another true hero.  His name is Mr. Mike, and he attends one of our churches.  He served in World War II.  His ship was sunk by the enemy fire and he and his buddies had seven minutes to get on a life raft before the ship sank.  Four of the men I believe were on Mike’s raft.  One soldier died and so Mr. Modejewski, and the others with him, were forced to throw the dead soldier in the ocean because of details I won’t go into in this E-mail.  

They survived for three days out in the ocean without any water or food except what fish they could catch.  Mr. Mike told us he used his T-shirt to catch fish with so they could eat them.  Finally after three days a plane came by and rescued them.  

There are thousands of stories like Mr. Mike’s where soldiers have suffered and died so that we could have our freedom.  Of course, as I write this, thousands of Americans are in harms way defending our freedom.  May God be with them all.  They also are heroes!